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American actor Stephen Macht has proven to be a master at playing ruggedly handsome, outwardly successful men whose inner doubts are never far from the surface. Macht's film debut was in "The Choirboys," after which he appeared in ...

THE CHOIRBOYS (1977) Loosely based on former policeman Joseph Wambaugh's humorous novel, "The Choirboys " determinedly explores the stunted interior lives of a large crew of callous, bigoted L.A. policemen.

NIGHTWING (1979) A policeman and his girlfriend and a scientist track vampire bats on an Indian reservation. Stephen plays real life Hopi tribal councilman, Walker Chee.

GALAXINA ( 1980) This sci-fi parody chronicles the adventures of the starship Infinity.  As the love-struck Sergeant Thor, Macht provides the earthy appeal that encourages the female robot, Galaxina (Dorothy Stratton), to evolve towards becoming human.  Macht's masculine physique and sshould increase the pulse rates of present-day females as well.

THE MOUNTAIN MEN (1980) Beautifully shot western starring Charlton Heston tells the story of two grizzled mountain men during the dying days of the fur-trapping era. It follows the tale of Running Moon who runs away from her husband, Heavy Eagle (Stephen Macht) and is saved by the two seedy fur trappers.

THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT (1990) This take on one of Stephen King's "Night Shift" tales is set in a Maine textile mill whose overbearing manager (Stephen Macht) finds himself in a tight spot when county inspectors crack down on his less-than-safe operation after a fatal accident involving a picking machine.

MONSTER SQUAD (1987) Young kids form a club that is devoted to monsters, but soon get more than they bargained for when Count Dracula returns to Earth, accompanied by Frankenstein, Wolfman, the Mummy and the Gillman.  Macht saves the day as the police hero.

THE ADVENTURES OF GALGAMETH (1997) The story follows a young prince who must free his people from an evil knight, played by Macht, who has taken over the kingdom.

TRANCERS 5: Sudden Death (1994) When the nefarious Lord Caliban and his wicked henchman start acting up again, it's up to future cop Jack Deth and his intrepid Tunnel Rats to try to stop him.

THE LAST WINTER (1984) Tells the story of two women who, at the end of the Yom Kippur War,  claim the same man  taken as a prisoner-of war (Macht) is  their missing husband.

AMITYVILLE: IT'S ABOUT TIME (1992) Macht plays Jacob Sterling who brings home a mysterious clock from the infamous Amityville house, not knowing that it's haunted by demonic spirits. 

THE WATCHERS REBORN (1998) An extra-smart dog and detective team up to stop a DNA enhanced killer.

OUTSIDE THE LAW (2002) While on a secret military mission in Colombia, secret agent and martial artist, Julie Cosgrove  is ambushed, putting her entire team in jeopardy.  When her new friends are implicated in the murder of one of her best friends, Julie finds herself seeking justice and revenge.

THE LEGEND OF BLOODY MARY (2008) Ryan has been plagued with nightmares since the night his sister Amy went missing eight years earlier after playing the game, "Bloody Mary."

SWALLOWS (1999) This romantic drama offers a twist – told without guns, recriminations or guilt – about the love between middle-aged gay men.  A sweetly romantic love story filled with nicely observed characters and a satisfying respite for those who have OD'ed on urban coming-out tales and sex-crazed teenagers in the throngs of lust.

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